RNC propagandist David Murunganwa Himbara further lowers his bar of pettiness

RNC terror chief mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa covets being regarded as a scholar. But his pettiness and shallow so called analyses keep giving him away for the fraud he is.

In his recent post Murunganwa tries to draw parallels between Russia and Rwanda. In his ‘scholarly analysis’, the sham academic singles out the letters that spell the names of Rwanda and Russia.

“The names of the two countries begin with the letter R”, says Murunganwa, who in his delusions thinks that he has made a significant revelation and has beat everyone else to this “discovery.” Hence his exclamation when he says “what a coincidence!” Lookout, next he might be seeking to patent his ‘discovery!’

While he pretends to be bashing Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, he forgets that he works for an actual terrorist outfit, RNC, that has wreaked violence on innocent Rwandans in the past.

David Himbara Murunganwa of course is no scholar, working on fake academic qualifications, with his fake name.

Murunganwa became Himbara after getting the worst possible grades in his O-levels, and one has to pity the gullibles that swallow his falsehoods.

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