RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa wanted Oligarchs for Rwanda

The terrorist propagandist David Himbara aka Muruganwa has tried every single lie to tarnish Rwanda and its leadership. With the current conflict in Ukraine, at times he pins Rwanda as Pro-Ukraine, then he claims its Pro-Europe or even Pro-Russia. He flip flops and switches lies unsure of what to smear Rwanda with.

Himbara’s behavior is typical of a ideologically bankrupt troll, unable to deal with his own internal contradictions. While claiming to be a “development educator”, he takes money from Trilbert Rujugiro, an international fraudster and Tobacco dealer. Does he teach development by planting and consuming Tobacco to his students? For money, the paid mouthpiece will tell them that smoking is good for the economy!

As he fumbles in his smear of Rwanda, uncertain of what to smear with, Himbara ridicule himself publicly and constantly. For instance, he is openly criticizing Rwanda for not allowing a cartel of oligarchs which is precisely why his sponsor Rujugiro failed his state capture attempt. The fake development specialist doing PR for a terrorist organization and a tobacco company that failed to overthrow a legitimate government, basically writes that he wanted oligarchs to rule and thrive in Rwanda!

There are other contradictions in Himbara that lead him to total confusion. For instance, after failing his high school, he dropped the name Murunganwa and created the name Himbara to illegally get admission to University education. He continued his forgery throughout his academic career with systematic plagiarism. Now, one David, unable to determine whether he is David Murunganwa or David Himbara pretend to analyze others.

Born the son of his older step-brother marrying his mother, even his birth is the product of a confusing incest. Muruganwa or Himbara, son and brother to Byabagamba has to be the perfect recruit for the failed oligarch wannabe Rujugiro to senselessly smear Rwanda.

He will write anything without care for ridicule. David Himbara aka Murunganwa has nothing to lose and only such a character can openly lament that oligarchs were not tolerated in Rwanda.

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