RNC Propagandist David Himbara Faking Econometrics To Smear Rwanda

The RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa, realizing that his terrorist movement cost Uganda dearly, attempts to spin the loss. It is estimated that Uganda lost about USD $ 700 million from a break down in trade with Rwanda. The paid mouthpiece consoles with bizarre narrative that during the crisis with Rwanda, Uganda exported to DR Congo US $74.3 million worth of goods. Well, Rwanda represented a $200 million market and RNC disrupted it.

Crucially, the terrorist propagandist fails in his illogical reasoning that export markets are a zero sum game; Uganda could have secured both DR Congo and Rwanda were it not for RNC. The real question ought to be: will Himbara’s sponsor, Trilbert Rujugiro, compensate Uganda’s economy?

Himbara’s analysis should have included the harm his terror movement caused and how, even after Museveni sacrificed $700 million dollars, their terrorist agenda still failed. The mouthpiece, however, is used to failure and usually deals with fraud. In high school, he failed with straight Fs but then sneaked into University with a the fake name “Himbara”. Now, after costing $700 million to Uganda, he thinks his fake econometrics will salvage his RNC’s failures.

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