Terrorist Propagandist David Himbara Agonizing With The Border Reopening

The RNC propagandist David Himbara, aka Murunganwa, is in pain. He has just seen one more sign that RNC is losing Uganda’s support. Yesterday, normal traffic resumed between Rwanda and Uganda despite the terrorist outfits’ effort to turn neighboring countries into foes fail. They underestimated the power of diplomacy and Rwanda’s importance to the Ugandan economy.

The paid mouthpiece, sponsored by Tribert Rujugiro, and their RNC terrorist militia members were warned by Ugandan authorities who negotiated for the border reopening. Ever since efforts were deployed to normalize relations between Rwanda-Uganda, RNC fought hard to sabotage the process. Uganda lost $700 million when trade broke down owing to a persecution of Rwandans in Uganda; the choice was clear and a choice was made!

What will he do when all his ragtag RNC militia get booted out of Uganda? Will he be welcoming them to Canada? He will certainly not manage to convince them to flee into Congolese forest. The excellent diplomatic relation between Rwanda and DRC led to a catastrophic expedition in Eastern provinces of DRC by the militia group. They were destroyed and their camps were dismantled, some were killed like Ret. Captain Charles Sibo and while other were arrested and trialed like Ret. Maj. Habib Mudathiru.

Himbara discovered that cheating with cheap propaganda in international relations will not work against Rwanda. it is not as simple as changing his name from Murunganwa to Himbara to sneak into University. State are governed by interest and RNC has nothing to offer.

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