They are panicking…

They really thought they were powerful. They, awkwardly sat in their living rooms drunk and laughing after making one or two venomous posts on Facebook, convinced themselves that they had the power to unseat a legitimate government in Kigali.

Sadly, little did they know that evil can never prevail over good. Things changed in a blink of an eye.

They are now trapped – trapped in their own cobweb of insults they hauled at the Kigali establishment, their future is in doubt. They don’t know what tomorrow will bring though they are not seeing anything favoring them.

Who are they?

These are people that had for long made a living on attacking Rwanda, they established bases in Uganda, got support from some elements in positions of authority, hoodwinked the powerful in Uganda and always walked away with the lies.

These are people linked to anti-Rwanda terror groups like the RNC of Nyamwasa, the FDLR, RUD-urunana and many others.

Among them include Obed Katureebe, and deserter Robert Higiro “Gasisi” who run the rubbish “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” Facebook page to demonise Rwandan leaders with deceitful claims.

They are backed with the likes of Sulah Nuwamanya and Prossy Bonabaana who recruits for RNC in Uganda and are currently housed in a CMI safe house in Mutungo. There is also David Himbara who is on the payroll of Rujugiro the financier of RNC and currently running businesses in Uganda. There are also others like Seruga et al.

Why are they panicking

The sudden visit of Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Uganda’s first son and commander of the land forces to Kigali caught them totally unprepared.

It turned out worse for them that Muhoozi was in Kigali for normalisation of relations between Rwanda and Uganda – something they prayed every night and morning to not happen.

To any layman, the visit in itself and the intention to normalise relations shouldn’t have scared anyone. However, to these anti-Rwanda elements it’s a big loss, a loss of operational ground, a loss of finances and a risk of prosecution or deportation. Literally they’ve been shut down.

In the next few days they will haul all sorts of insults but what will lie behind those insults is panic.

Obed Katureebe, and deserter Robert Higiro “Gasisi” couldn’t hold their fear. They’ve already started exposing themselves.

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