Recent Diplomatic Activity Between Rwanda and Uganda Shock Himbara Back to Reality

RNC mouthpiece David Himbara aka Muruganwa’s reaction to Rwanda-Uganda talking about normalization was “there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics” He was a defeated propagandist whose sole mission is to keep Rwanda and Uganda at loggerheads and in conflict. His terrorist organization survival depends on it, if Rwanda and Uganda cooperate to eradicate terrorism; RNC will be doomed!

Himbara’s failure to keep Rwanda and Uganda as enemies is simply due to ‘real politics’, countries are driven by interest and supporting RNC was costing $200 million to the Ugandan economy every year since 2019. The propagandist can smell the coffee, he knows that his allies are abandoning him and he cries, “there are no permanent friends or enemies”.

Muruganwa is no stranger to failure, he failed to make it to high-school and had to change names to Himbara to sneak into University. This time, however, his failure is much deeper and his “Hail-Mary” move to salvage the situation shows how desperate he is. Since the last Rwanda-Uganda meeting, he tries reverse psychology.

By writing that Uganda comes out as the winner, he hopes Rwanda will negatively react thereby stalling the process that will lead to his terrorist organization downfall. In other words, he is so desperate that he is now trying to influence Rwanda as his grip on Uganda gets slippery! How desperate can that be?

The mouthpiece ought to know by now that he is unable to outsmart Rwanda and that his propaganda is crumbling. In reality, his RNC terrorist group, and other enemies of Rwanda, have to go back to the drawing board; the prospect of losing support in Uganda is real. They will need to figure out how to travel without Ugandan passports, where to setup shell companies and NGO’s and most importantly for Himbara; where to get that paycheque to smear Rwanda!

It is bound to happen, $200 million per year is too much of a sacrifice for a terrorist agenda that has failed to make an impact for decades.

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