NEW DETAILS: Why Museveni needed a good fiction to smear Rwanda

Museveni appears to be battling with a lot of things, some personal (diseases like cancer, Old age effects, lack of credibility) others are national like the failing education and health systems, opposition growing strong, a crumbling economy, a very public rejection of him and his party and a lot more.

On the pressure he is facing from the state of schools in Uganda, Moses Cyusa addressed it well in his thread here

36 years in power, he wants another term (or a hand-picked successor if his health fails) but he knows he won’t get it easily so he is now going for a constitutional amendment to by-pass popular vote for a parliament appointed President. This too is mounting pressure on him. He can’t bear the pressure, he needs a diversion.

To his critics and activities, he kills them or lock them up but they are becoming too many for him to handle. Again, his only option is to create a diversion. This is exactly how loaded his SFC uniforms on a truck, ordered his customs to clear them hoping to deliver it to the ADF. But when they reached Butembo in DRC, his cargo was intercepted. Blaming it on Rwanda gives him that diversion, he hopes that it will be big news in Uganda and divert the attention of Ugandans from critical issues happening at home.

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