Museveni diverting the attention from his failures to blaming Rwanda for his every mess

As pressure mounts after a chaotic reopening of school following a senseless two years long closure of the education sector; Museveni moves to divert attention to ADF rebels from DR Congo. As always, the Uganda dictator wants to divert attention from important events back home to Rwanda with baseless allegations that the country sponsors the ADF terrorist group.

His latest propaganda is that Rwanda sent military uniforms in DR Congo. Military uniforms were intercepted in Butembo after crossing the DRC-Uganda Mpondwe border. How is it possible for Museveni to blame Rwanda after his custom and security officials cleared the truck full of uniforms? Clearly, these uniforms were taken to ADF through Mpondwe border under Museveni’s orders; these are the kind of fabrication against Rwanda that CMI concocts. It is simply does not make sense but all the dictator needs are a good diversion from his failures.

Museveni is ashamed of what he did to his education system and he has no explanation on how destroyed public schools are and how he will control the 30 % of students in the whole country who are likely to drop out. Museveni runs Uganda like a show, how can a President not have plans of how students and teachers will recover after school closure for two years? but have money to invest in theatrics with rebels?

Students and teachers should have been the center of attention during this time after the longest closure of schools. Too many of Uganda’s kids have fallen into drugs, prostitution, and early marriage but Museveni is focusing on destabilizing neighboring countries. All this is a massive failure by Museveni, and his wife the Minister of education.

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