As RNC mouthpiece Himbara’s paymaster Museveni wrecks Uganda’s education system, he chooses to yap about Rwanda’s teaching deal with Zimbabwe!

Idle RNC mouthpiece David Himbara is sourgraping after Rwanda signed an agreement to hire 300 Zimbabwean teachers. The shameless fraud – best known for badly failing his O-levels at Ndejje Secondary School and getting straight 9s – is pretending that Rwanda getting 300 professional teachers from the friendly state of Zimbabwe somehow is a bad thing. Himbara – who changed his name to Murunganwa to perpetrate his academic fraud – is trying to cast Rwanda addressing a shortage in teaching staff as “a failure!”

Murunganwa lies like one of the graduates of his paymaster’s UPE system. He can con only the most gullible.

Rwanda has done great for its kids.

On the other hand, let us think of what Museveni, or more precisely his wife, are doing to the education system of Uganda – they have closed it down, using Covid-19 as a pretext.

You fraud Murunganwa, what do you have to say about that sad state of affairs? What do you say about the hundreds of thousands of young girls, because of idleness at home, are getting pregnant? (because, let’s be real, that’s what Museveni in fact wants?

Of course lying propagandist Himbara will say nothing.

What a shameless fraud!

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