RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara smears Rwanda, but as always his problem is the massive failures of his Kampala regime paymaster

It has long been completely obvious that RNC mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa’s very ability to buy himself food is to find multiple false stories to concoct about Rwanda. Today, it is about a small bridge, somewhere in Rwanda!

Murunganwa is so pathetic I might begin to feel pity for him. He is like a sniveling little child that must Daily show his paymasters Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro that, “look my masters, here is something very bad I wrote about Rwanda!” His problem however is that for every complete lie he fabricates to smear Rwanda, in Uganda the failures of his paymaster’s regime are very real.

Himbara distorts that “a bridge in Rwanda killed people.” How? Never mind that such a thing never happened, Murunganwa just writes it. What happened was that some landslides trapped some 34 unfortunate people in Rwanda (for a whole year moreover).

But Murunganwa distorts it into a story about a bridge!

As usual, Himbara’s attacks are diversions of what actually happens in Uganda. You can be sure this has to do with the appalling landslides in Uganda that the shameless Murunganwa never utters a thing about.

“An average of 100 people killed every month”, the Daily Monitor writes on landslides in Uganda. Death due to poor infrastructure is rampant in Uganda.

Indeed, Himbara’s expertise is in forgery, even his name is fake as we all know by now. The fraud badly failed high school as Murunganwa at Ndejje SS, then created the fake identity of “David Himbara”, to sneak into University.

Very appropriate indeed for a propagandist in the pay of Museveni.

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