RNC Mouthpiece Himbara angered by growth in Rwanda’s education sector

From Toronto, where he failed to establish himself as an academic, David Himbara – whose sole occupation is peddling anti-Rwanda smears sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro – is at a loss. His smears are failing. But now the self-publishing “academic” fraudster is ironically focusing on academia in Rwanda.

When he failed high school in Uganda, the then named Murunganwa changed his name, to David Himbara, to fraudulently get into university. In 2015, he pulled a similar stunt by pretending to be a “Scholar in Danger” after joining the RNC terrorist organization that was attacking civilians with grenades at bus stops. The scholar in danger program landed him in a little-known institution, Centennial College, in Scarborough, Toronto.

It was only a cover for his activities as a propagandist for the terrorist RNC. With pay of less than US$ 50,000 per year, the mouthpiece mysteriously managed to pay US $ 520,000 to a lobbyist group in the US, to assist in hostile anti-Rwanda propaganda. Investigations revealed that the money was from his sponsors Museveni and Rujugiro, transferred through an elaborate series of secret accounts from Mauritania (more details soon).

Centennial College waited in vain for any meaningful publication from Himbara, and pressured him for results. Little did they know they were working with an incompetent fraudster. So, when the demands to produce some tangible academic work became tougher, Himbara’s reaction was to fake death threats, and flee from the job of teaching and researching!

Centennial College must have said “good riddance!” It couldn’t keep a conman on it’s payroll. Himbara was unable to sustain a teaching job at the little known college. Instead, he self-published fantasies that no peer wanted to review, because it was purely, and clearly propaganda.

So, his choice of attacking academic institutions of Rwanda is motivated by bitterness. But not only did he fail to make the cut, even his sponsor’s education system is in a shambles. Not surprisingly, fraudster Murunganwa will never mention this. On the other hand, Rwandan universities are improving, and rising quickly in global ranking.

While this is happening Himbara’s paymaster has crashed Uganda’s education system! For two years now schools have been closed down by Museveni’s wife, scandalously also the education minister of Uganda! When Makerere University students held a protest against a hike in school fees, Museveni deployed the army to terrorize students, at night! Students were beaten and some even gang raped by the military personnel!

Will you ever hear the lying propagandist Murunganwa mention any of these issues?


While Rwanda has become a hub for higher education attracting world class education institutions to setup campuses like Carnagie Mellon, Murunganwa only is bent on smears.

Poor fellow! He has the hardest job, spinning pure lies that everyone can easily disprove.

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