Failure follows Himbara-Museveni everywhere, they can’t escape it

Rwanda will never negotiate with Genocidaires, PERIOD! Any attempt by the Museveni and his paid RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara will not yield anything.

They tried getting into Rwanda using FDLR terrorist groups and terribly failed, they resorted to RNC terrorist group which is funded by Museveni and Rujugiro and failed. They used RUD Urunana and failed. Basically, failure follows them everywhere.

Now, Museveni has ordered Himbara a.k.a Murunganwa to advance Victoire Ingabire’s narrative of sanitizing Genocidaires but this move will also fail terribly.

What they keep forgetting is that dissenting voices are always welcomed in Rwanda. One can endeavor to educate him on the basics.

In the 2010 elections, candidates who stood against president Kagame included Dr Jean Damascene Ntawukiriryayo of PSD, Prosper Higiro of PL and Alvera Mukantabana. After the elections, won by President Kagame, all the contenders bounced back in positions of authority either in the executive or legislative branch of government. This is the consensual democracy that is alien to Himbara and his sponsors.

Ingabire was never a contender in any elections unlike what Himbara attempts to lie.

Come 2017 presidential elections, contenders against President Kagame were Green Party’s Frank Habineza and Mpayimana who stood as an independent. Habineza is now an MP while Mpayimana was recently appointed as a Senior Expert in charge of community engagement in the Ministry in charge of national unity.

It is expected for Himbara to miss these basic facts, he earned his entire life through fraud, from a fake degree, to lies that earn him his current employment. He is a fraud who can only fool Museveni and Rujugiro; they waste their money.

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