RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara shows off his Ugandan Shillings

No one can believe in the Himbara aka Murunganwa fabricated figures as forged as the way he contrived his degree to get in the University. He is now claiming that the Ugandan Shilling is valuable asset.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Uganda’s shilling is moderately overvalued, meaning the value taunted by Himbara is wrong. The overvaluation of the Ugandan shilling is due Museveni’s ineptitude to cope with the covid-19 pandemic.

Resident Representative of IMF, Izabela Karpowicz said in an emailed response to questions of Bloomberg.org; “Greater foreign-exchange rate flexibility would help reduce the overvaluation, with IMF staff recommending that the authorities continue intervening only in case of extreme market distress.”

That’s why Museveni’s army is busy plundering the forest of the DRC under the auspice of building roads in the eastern DRC, he needs to loot to save his crumbling economy. However, the loot will once again benefit Museveni and his cronies. Meanwhile, Rwanda will be constructing a model village for the Congolese and strengthening its friendship. Here, we cannot forget to recall that Museveni and his CMI continue to harass Rwandans living in Uganda.

Himbara’s claim on the worthless Ugandan Shilling is nothing but continuous propaganda against Rwanda. Fact is, compared to the dollar, the Ugandan Shilling is worth less than all other currencies in East Africa.

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