Idamange apologists in a coordinated propaganda stunt, but she will be answerable for her incitement

Overseas-based members of various groups bent on sowing instability in Rwanda have come up with something they dubbed “Support Idamange Global Protest.” The main goal is to mudsling Rwandan authorities on the international scene.

Yvonne Idamange Iryamugwiza, whom the groups openly portray as their “messenger”, has gained infamy after she started inciting Rwandans to revolt against the government. In doing so, she took to YouTube several times where she would always exhibit eccentric behavior that mixed politics, criminality, and madness. In so doing, she crossed into outright criminality.

The Gasabo Primary Court remanded Idamange on March 9, on suspicion of committing multiple crimes that include calling for a revolt, claiming the President “was dead”, while also calling on Rwandans to reject directives to contain the spread of Coronavirus among others.

The so-called “Support Idamange Global Protest”, according to organizers, will be marked on March 20th 2021 on at least 14 Rwandan embassies in various countries. These so-called protesters will be “calling on the Rwandan government” to “release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, and stop targeted assassinations,” among other wild allegations.

The drive is currently being promoted by prominent genocide denialists, offspring of genocidaires, and revisionist elements that work tirelessly to falsify the facts of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, and to try to sow discord among Rwandans. These include Europe-based Jambo ASBL; an association by sons and daughters of major perpetrators of the genocide, sons of the former president Habyarimana, as well as several members of RNC, FDU-Inkingi, and FDLR terror groups.

Their strategy is to keep pushing the false claim that Idamange is “a political prisoner and prisoner of conscience”. It was, however, ascertained that the lady was tricked and sacrificed by these very groups into publicizing their subversive agenda against Rwanda. “Those groups know that they do not have support in Rwanda, they always seek to trick some individuals from Rwanda to try to sow chaos,” noted an observer.

“But whatever they do, Idamange whom they deceived committed serious crimes, and the law will take its course freely, regardless of whatever her apologists do,” noted the observer, adding, “whoever accepts to be fooled by those groups will bear consequences on their own!”

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