Museveni betrayed, killed “banansiko” (bush fighters), yet keeps taking credits for their bravery

Some gullible and mentally enslaved Ugandans will always applaud Museveni’s speeches as “the most patriotic and educative,” especially when he makes references to the NRA bush war. But little do those fanatics know how Museveni used and abused former comrades in arms.

Proper records and mostly those from enlightened old men know Museveni as a loner who lies as he breathes, as Mzee Byanyima used to say. The shameless dictator’s litany of lies, treachery, and betrayal of comrades is what the young fanatics of him are oblivious of. Because he has mastered the art of deceit, when he speaks the gullible cheer for him as “a wise old man.” They choose to ignore his other side.

From the story of Captain William Mwesigwa a.k.a Black, to the story of General Benon Biraro, Brigadier Taddeo Kanyankore, Late General Aronda Nyakairima, Late general Serwanga Lwanga, to name a few, all who devoted their life to fight for Museveni, he later killed them mercilessly. Museveni is devilish!

They all pledged allegiance to the cause of the NRA, and initially trusted Museveni so much. But trust diminished when he started to kill them; when he started to be carried on stretcher to avoid walking, or when he abandoned them to go live with his wife in Sweden, when the war was in full swing.

Today, the dictator knows that none of the “banansiko” take him seriously. He lost their respect long ago. He has been busy conning Northerners to be his strong pillars in the army. But the senile tyrant is only fooling himself. The day these guys turn against him, he will feel the wrath of vengeance from these people whom he ruthlessly massacred over the years in the guise of fighting Kony.

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