Tribalism runs through Museveni veins, ignore window-dressing of IGP Ochola reappointment

I read in comments yesterday that reappointment of Martin Ochola as IGP of Uganda Police, a Jopadhola from Tororo, was a good gesture of Museveni as an anti-tribalism leader.

Let me laugh in peace.

How deluded is that?

Seriously, who doesn’t know that Ochola is a ceremonial head, and a mere puppet leader placed at the top of Uganda Police merely to fool people that there is “power-sharing” in the banana republic spearheaded by the inept senile Museveni? We all know who runs critical businesses in that institution like, even his deputy Paul Lokech is not in control of things.

Prior to Lokech appointment all situation reports and other critical matters were handled by Sabiiti Muzeyi who was in direct contact with Museveni because of his Bahima tribe, and affiliation to the first lady. As of now Museveni deals more with Bahima cliques mostly in UPDF.

The whole method of Museveni’s tribal leadership has been to appoint a Non-Muhima and deputize them with Bahima who are the real power in the background. The non-Bahima are mere figureheads. That is the same case with Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, a Mukiga by tribe but who previously worked under the shadow of Kutesa’s daughter a Muhima and an in-law of Museveni’s.

If anything Museveni is the only leader in Africa whose wife is a minister and a son heading a whole specialized military unity in charge state protection. As if that is not enough his half-brother Caleb Akandwanaho alias Salim Saleh runs every state lucrative businesses.

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