Sex predator Kambanda needs to revise his law books, simple basics in Rusesabagina trial elude him

The disgraced CMI loudmouth and sex-for-grade professor Charles Kambanda has been yapping on Facebook on the ongoing trial of terrorist Paul Rusesabagina whom he has constantly been praising for killing innocent Rwandans. But the more he yaps the more he exposes his ignorance of law.

The self-exiled pedophile Kambanda who once studied hard to be a priest but failed in the process due to lack of discipline and commitment wants readers to treat him as a professor of morals. But he is a simple sex-predator as his records state so clearly.

For record, Rusesabagina was not “kidnapped.” He was tricked to be on a jet bound to Kigali by his friend Pastor Niyomwungere who could not stand his criminal plans against Rwanda, it is as simple as that. Whatever lies Kambanda cooks up, the trial will go on uninterrupted.

Bishop Constantin Niyomwungere, thanks to him, stood in court as a legally accepted witness. His “level of education” shouldn’t be anybody’s business, like the CMI tool Kambanda wants to blow it out of proportion. Pathetic that someone who claim to be a learned fellow can fail to differentiate a witness from an ordinary attendant in a court of law.

May be what the hate professor Kambanda failed to mention is that Bishop testified against his ‘friend’ Rusesabagina out of shock and the magnitude of crimes committed against innocent Rwandans. As a responsible citizen, it was his duty to prevent any other planned danger as early as he could. Too bad the professor of immorality thinks it would have been done differently and at the lives of Rwandans.

Whether the trial of Rusesabagina pleases CMI stooge Kambanda or not, it won’t cleanse his criminal record against Rwanda. Just like Rusesabagina he too will have his day in court.

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