Himbara, the RNC mouthpiece traumatized by FLN Trial proceedings

David Himbara, the tireless mouthpiece of RNC is shaking in fear following the FLN militia trial in Rwanda. He followed carefully how terror suspect Paul Rusesabagina walked into the trap set by law enforcement. Himbara then issues a warning to members of terrorist outfits that Rwanda might catch up with them, but in terms couched in ethnic hate speech.

The sight of terrorist leaders in the dock must be haunting for Himbara. He must have believed that people like Rusesabagina were “untouchable.” Now they are finding out, the hard way, how wrong they were.

The lesson for Himbara, who went as far as trying to have a Genocidaire released in Sweden and failed, is that eventually terrorists will end up facing the music – however much smears, slanders, and hate he writes about the Rwandan leadership.

Himbara is powerless against justice, and he will watch as more and more members of criminal groups are apprehended, to answer for their crimes against Rwandans. But his fictions will change nothing.

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