If Sulah cares about women he should cater for his wife, before turning himself onto Idamange spokesperson

Sulah Nuwamanya, the irresponsible father who abandoned his wife and children is now pretending to care about women by praising Idamange Iryamugwiza, claiming that she is “standing with the truth and dignity of the voiceless,” on International Women’s Day. Nuwamanya abandoned his family in Rwanda some five years ago and ran into the arms of concubine Prossy Bonabaana. They are together in anti-Rwanda terrorism, as RNC agents on the payroll of CMI.

In his anti-Rwanda propaganda, Nuwamanya the RNC mouthpiece omits to mention that Idamange is being charged with denigrating genocide commemoration artifacts, inciting an uprising among the public, publication of rumors, intentional assault and battery, blocking the enforcement of government orders, and issuing bouncing cheques. But again, it is Nuwamanya style to recklessly jump on everything related to Rwanda, as part of his smear campaign.

Ironically it is the very government of Rwanda that he is devoted to smearing which has been assisting Nuwamanya’s wife and four kids (ever since he ran into Bonabaana’s arms). If the deadbeat Nuwamanya was responsible or gender sensitive enough, he should be catering for his wife.

Sulah thinks that glorifying Idamange will discredit the Rwandan judicial system which hold people accountable for their crimes. But, once again, Sulah should stand warned that his crimes are well-documented and he too will have his day in court, just like Idamange.

Nuwamanya will be held accountable for acts of terrorism against Rwandans, or luring people into the RNC terror group, or his involvement in hunting down Rwandans living in Uganda, in endless torture of Rwandans illegally detained at CMI Mbuya Barracks, and other safe-houses.

Oh yes, Nuwamanya, you will have your day in court.

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