Himbara makes a fool of himself in his role as Rusesabagina apologist

On his Facebook page, RNC propagandist David Himbara inadvertently posts a video that details how Rusesabagina and his offspring were planning an escape.

A reputed heavy weed smoker, Himbara also makes a fool of himself by saying that intercepted communication (between terror suspect Paul Rusesabagina and his lawyer) had “attorney-client” privilege. Is the clumsy propagandist then saying that Rusesabagina’s child is the attorney?

Himbara shoots down his terrorist movement’s effort to help a fellow terrorist (Rusesabagina). If he had half a brain cell left, he should have asked himself, “Why are Rusesabagina’s lawyer not claiming that attorney-client privilege was broken?”

All their confusion shows one thing: they have nothing but lies, which can’t be sustained.

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