David Himbara, RNC propagandist fakes sources to talk to himself

David Himbara, the longtime RNC propagandist has found a new subject to exploit and weaponize in his smear campaign against Rwanda. He has found in one Innocent Bahati a new subject to exploit with bizarre conspiracy theories and slander.

Bahati, a Rwandan poet that’s supposedly gone missing, is the new center of attention for Himbara. But this is fake news.

In Himbara’s latest tall tale, the propagandist invents a fake “anonymous friend” to Bahati who just happens to relay Himbara’s terrorist narrative as is. The fictitious friend says, “We met each other face to face more than 4 times in 2018.” The “friend” who last saw Bahati 3 years ago is apparently the best source Himbara can find on the supposed missing poet’s whereabouts. Furthermore, this mysterious “anonymous friend” conspicuously speaks like Himbara – a 71 years old propagandist drunk on RNC propaganda keywords.

“He was the only poet from Rwanda who dared to address societal issues,” the weed-smoking propagandist fabricates with his imaginary source.

The fictitious chatter hides Himbara’s motive to milk a missing person report, a predatory practice that terrorist and anti-Rwanda propagandist have used before. They randomly claim that someone is missing, citing foul play from the government when the person is actually not missing. Some of the falsely declared missing turn up to be well, others turn up in their militias, or even end up killed by RNC in their deadly feud. If Himbara really wanted to contribute to finding missing persons, perhaps he should investigate what happened to Ben Rutabana whose family accuses Himbara’s allies of killing.

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