CMI deadbeat Nuwamanya in misplaced rants about alleged missing people

Sulah Nuwamanya, the self-appointed spokesman of fake missing people needs to advocate for real innocent Ugandans languishing in CMI chambers before yapping about on behalf of his cronies on Rwanda.

His latest infantile propaganda about Innocent Bahati, an alleged poet in Kigali who went missing is not only misplaced, it is as well misinformed.

History and reports have records of very many people usually anti-Rwanda reactionaries that have claimed to be missing later to be found in DR Congo or Uganda engaged in terrorist activities. Some of them were found beaten to death, like the case of Constantin Tuyishimire of TV1, who went to Uganda and later claimed he was missing. He was said to be missing until he got hardcore beaten in Burundi while trying to join RNC. Later on, he revealed that he used ungazetted borders to cross to Uganda.

Probably Sulah, an irresponsible father who left his four children at the generosity of Rwanda government, would wish so many people in Rwanda would commit crimes, so he can continue mint money from his CMI chiefs.

Before Sulah, the deadbeat CMI stooge, makes himself a spokesperson of missing individuals in Rwanda, he should go in the lower pavement of CMI headquarters at Kiseka and check the number of innocent Ugandans detained there and under intense torture.

Come what may, Sulah needs to stand warned that he will account for all crimes against Rwandans. Those he has been luring into RNC by force, those him and his goons have stolen and deprived of their properties after torturing them and his coordination schemes in Anti Rwanda campaign.

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