David Himbara, terror propagandist, launches some ad hominem attacks and makes himself a laughingstock

David Himbara, the mouthpiece for the Rwanda National Congress terrorist group now is attacking a UK MP, an Investment bank and Rwandan public figures. Himbara who also is a gun for hire for RNC financier Tribert Rujugiro, any success story from Rwanda is a threat to their narrative.

They are under the illusion that fake news attacks on social media will yield an alternative reality, theirs, about Rwanda, or objective people and organizations that work with Rwanda. They have always failed.

Himbara writes about a UK MP who declared an income from a pan-African financial solutions and advisory services. The pseudo-intellect will have you believe that the MP is therefore a “secret propagandist” for Rwanda. But why would the MP in question declare the income if the money received were for “illegal activities?”

As usual with Himbara there is little logic to their assertions. The transparency of declaring where one income’s is from is foreign to the RNC terrorists. They assume everyone is as corrupt as they are!

In 2010, David Himbara is reported to have paid the Podesta Group, a US-based lobbyist firm, US$ 450,000 to secure a committee hearing in the US Congress. Of course Himbara does not have that kind of money.

In fact, sources close to him indicate that he is always begging for money in Toronto, Canada where he lives. The source of the money was traced to Rujugiro, and their Ugandan intelligence allies.

The irony of Himbara’s attacks against anyone with allegations of financial wrongdoing is that his part time sponsor Rujugiro actually is the one that has been arrested for dubious activities such as tax evasion. That happened in the UK in 2008, when authorities arrested him on a South African arrest warrant.

Rujugiro owed the South African tax body over US$ 7 million that he had evaded, and had to pay up to be released by UK authorities. A propagandist for a man like this dares give lessons to honest, income declaring individuals and organizations? What a world we live in!

Also, consider for example that Himbara actually tried to con a Swedish court into releasing a convicted Genocidaire in 2019. As part of the P5 terrorist alliance with genocidaires, RNC dispatched Himbara to Stockholm to pose as a “witness” for genocidaire Theodore Rukeratabaro. It was dismissed as false testimony.

Why then, one wonders, would anyone believe anything written by Himbara?

Will the terrorist propagandist ever disclose how much money he received to defend a genocidaire for instance?

For now, we will just be happy to keep laughing as these people make fools of themselves.

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