CMI-RNC troll Nuwamanya throws up more distortions, but it won’t save him

The notorious Kampala-based Rwanda National Congress terror agent Sulah Nuwamanya has been venting his rage on Facebook in an attempt to draw attention to himself. He, and his sponsors in Kampala, namely the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) are engaged in the overall Museveni plot of subversion against Rwanda, which has failed from Day 1.

The CMI dimwitted agent alleges that “the Rwandan Head of State provoked Uganda and then made demands!”, Nuwamanya thinks he can deceive the public with repeated distortions. The fact is that these claims that “Rwanda provoked Uganda” are lies, to cover up for Museveni and his security apparatus’ repeated provocations against Rwanda. Also, any concern that Rwanda raises about Kampala provocations, it does with evidence.

Uganda harbors, trains, and facilitates RNC terrorists hell-bent on destabilizing Rwanda. The evidence is overwhelming. Currently for instance, the Rwandan judiciary is trying RNC militias who were captured in Minembwe, Fizi, South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They have revealed Uganda’s complicity in anti-Rwanda terrorism.

Sulah thinks his lies can cover up his masters’ subversive acts against Rwanda. Or that his (Sulah) role in the persecution of innocent Rwandans in Uganda will be overlooked.

He is the real culprit, who claims to be a victim. He is a criminal who connives with CMI operatives to abduct, illegally detain, and torture hundreds of Rwandans, or Ugandans of Rwandan origin.

This man sits in Kampala lying despite all these crimes hanging over him, for which he will answer. He victimizes Rwandan nationals with lies that “they are spies for Kigali”, upon which they are thrown into CMI torture dungeons. They are badly tortured, for days, and are traumatized for life. Many die.

A lucky few that survived are dumped at the borders with Rwanda, without their properties.

Being the Chief Mobilizer for RNC in Uganda together with his mistress Prossy Bonabaana whose ill-intentions are to destabilize Rwanda’s peace, it’s just a matter of time before Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi will be made answerable for his crimes.

With the current happenings in the Uganda where state sponsored violence has become endemic, Nuwamanya and his paymasters lack the moral authority to preach to anyone about extrajudicial killings, arrests, disappearances, leave alone their lies about Rwanda. The world of Sulah’s masters is becoming narrower as they will have to account for thousands of Ugandan victims that they have disappeared or killed

Sulah Nuwamanya, a deadbeat that abandoned his wife and four children in Rwanda (and whom Rwanda cares for) should know that his day is coming, when he will stand before a judge.

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