Karyegira shouldn’t drag Rwanda’s name into Uganda’s internal affairs

One Timothy Kalyegira, a so-called pundit in Kampala, has come up with a far-fetched theory supposedly to explain “the reason for all the paranoia, tension, and deployment of Mogadishu UPDF generals to oversee security in Kampala. Karyegira claims there is “a counter-intelligence war raging between NRM Uganda and RPF Rwanda.”

In a social media post, he claims: “you don’t deploy generals who commanded urban warfare against Al Shabaab in a bid to contain Kisekka Market mechanics, post election protestors or boda boda boys. You deploy Mogadishu generals when you think you might have to fight a serious enemy with considerable military skill and equipment and where Kampala might be the new Luwero Triangle!”

But this only is misinformation that Karyegira brings up for reasons only he knows. Looked at from another angle, it is nothing but propaganda.

Whatever the case, what’s going on in Uganda is a purely internal matter that has nothing to do with Rwanda and RPF.

It’s far-fetched to drag Rwanda’s name into Uganda’s internal affairs, and it can’t help the situation.

Karyegira better find other conspiracy theories.

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