RNC propagandist Nuwamanya celebrates his mistress birthday as his family clocks three years without seeing him

Oh, the irony is killing me.The crackbrained RNC terrorist Sulah Nuwamanya is wishing a happy birthday to his part-time mistress and partner in crime Prossy Bonabaana while arrogantly ignoring the birthday of his abandoned four children and wife currently being taken care of by the Rwandan government.

You may recall that the fat-headed Nuwamanya irresponsibly left his wife and four children in Rwanda with zero support to go in Uganda where he engages in terrorism against the very government that support his family and to rub salt into the wound, the lamebrain propagandist Nuwamanya has been dipping his wick with the strumpet Bonabaana whom he even shares with his CMI handlers.

Evidently, the stark raving mad Nuwamanya is dead from the neck up but once he is extradited, his terrorism crimes will be prosecuted and his cardinal sin with the nymphomaniac Bonabaana will send him to hell.

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