CMI-RNC agent Nuwamanya idiotically claims RNC Chief Financier Rujugiro’s property

Uganda backed terror outfit Rwanda National Congress-RNC agent Sulah Nuwamanya is propagating falsehoods surrounding the auction of his Chief Financier Tribert Ayabatwa Rujugiro’s business complex Union Trade Center-UTC in Rwanda.

The deadbeat dad of four abandoned children and a wife is celebrating the alleged verdict by the EAC Court that Rwanda should return Rujugiro’s property and reimburse USD500,000 as damages. The CMI clown misleads the public that the auction of the terror funder’s property was illegal yet it met all criteria and due process was followed during the auctioning process.

Rujugiro’s property was auctioned in accordance with the Rwandan laws. Sulah dodges the fact that his paymaster evaded taxes. According to Rwanda Revenue Authority, Rujugiro’s tax arrears had accumulated to over one billion six hundred million (Rwf 1,600,000,000) between 2007 and 2013.

The tax body appealed to Rujugiro to clear his arrears three times as stipulated by the law but the latter turned down the call and rather embarked on a media campaign to slander the Rwandan leadership that the country wanted to illegally confiscate his property.

For beginners, Rujugiro is the Chief Financier of RNC terrorism activities, the disgruntled tycoon contributed USD60,000 in 2015, USD120,000 in 2016, and another USD60,000 in 2017 which brings his RNC sponsorship to over USD440,000 in support of the ‘Destabilize Rwanda’ cause/

The Dimwitted RNC minion Sulah’s claims that what Rwanda did violated the EAC treaty, he needs to remind himself that what Rujugiro and his Uganda regime partners in crime do by harboring, sponsoring anti-Rwanda terrorist groups and persecuting innocent Rwandans contradict the EAC treaty provisions.

Rwanda can’t be taught by terrorists and their sponsors about the rule of law.

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