David Himbara always gets it wrong about the Rwandan economy

Not content with the high increase of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Rwanda which according to UNCTAD 2020 World Investment Report increased from USD 382 million in 2018 to USD 420 million in 2019, David Himbara, a masquerading “Professor of international development” hired by despot Tibuhaburwa Museveni to tarnish Rwanda just tried to spin a world bank report.

First off, anyone who has ever read the report cited by Himbara, with eyes open must have noticed that the report recognizes the important role played by President Paul Kagame and his government in the spectacular growth performance that Rwandans have enjoyed for the last two decades.

The Museveni Stooge, Himbara is running out of his childish propaganda against the Rwandan leadership. Rwanda’s growth in GDP per capita has averaged 5 percent per year, second only on the continent after Ethiopia. The government’s efforts to attract private investment are paying off and the Rwandan Development Board reports substantial new FDI in areas such as tourism, construction materials, irrigation, and light manufacturing are registering tremendous increment.

However, Himbara who failed his O levels in Ndejje SSS in Bulemezi (he got straight 9s (F) in 7 subjects and an 8 (the worst Pass) in English) and yet now claims to be an economist can never understand that which indicates that he either doesn’t read the reports about Rwanda or has no idea how to interpret the report.

CMI paid RNC propagandist Himbara is a fraud, and for any economists reading his post, they will agree that poor man missed out on the basics of economics.

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