Museveni’s sinister plot to charge Bobi Wine with treason.

The embattled Ugandan regime unleashed yet another desperate attack on the main opposition leader, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine accusing him of “foreign funding”. But as always, Ugandan Intelligence propaganda outlets could not reframe from mentioning Rwanda. This latest attempt to fabricate foreign support for the opposition would see Bobi Wine jailed for 5 years jail term under the Ugandan election laws. Kampala post and CommandOne, always blaming Rwanda for their internal failures, is now circulating falsehoods that foreigners secretly sent $10 Million to Bobi Wine through Rwanda.

Kampala Post, managed by Chris Magyezi (Uganda’s first son Gen Keinerugaba Muhoozi’s spokesperson) and CommandOnePost, managed by Bob Atwine (who is on the Ugandan Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence payroll) try to fuel a xenophobic inferno, panicked by the massive popular support that the opposition has gathered. Paranoia is clear in the regime’s craziness and amalgamation that money from Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and elsewhere was transferred physically over the last 6 months via Kenya and Rwanda to fund the Ugandan opposition. They forget, rushed, and pressured to react, that COVID-19 blocked borders for almost 8 months. The limited border movements were tightly controlled with escorts and a mandatory quarantine for truck drivers. How would anyone transfer $10 million dollars in cash?

It has become a routine for the decaying Uganda regime to blame Rwanda for every time it lands in trouble. Since its last attempt to jail Bobi Wine on a bizarre COVID-19, the Ugandan security violently repressed the demonstration killing more than 300 Ugandans (50 according to official sources) in less than 48 hours. With the situation getting out of hand, Bobi Wine was released without bail! Evidently, they are now opting for a second attempt on treason or complicity with foreign powers or individuals.

The scope of the demonstration shocked the regime, one source close to the Ugandan ruling party told us how it became very clear that Ugandans would fight for Bobi Wine, “the only option left is to charge him with treason or kill him.” An observe asked, “If the regime resorted to slaughtering 300 of their own to keep Bobi Wine in custody for 48 Hours, how many do you think they will kill to keep him locked up for 5 years?” If history is a teacher, xenophobia, racism, witch-hunts are signs of a crumbling regime.

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