Uganda has gone back to the dogs under its frail dictator

Dear Bazukulu of the bedridden Ugandan Dictator,

Persecution, hunger, corruption, massacres, nepotism and kleptocracy are all that poor Ugandans have endured from the ruthless frail Dictator’s regime for the last 35 years.

The current world pandemic has exposed dictator Museveni’s nonexistent health sector as thousands of Ugandans have succumbed to COVID-19 due to his lack of a clear strategic plan to curb the virus spread, lack of medicines, testing tools and protective gears. The dictator and his crooks have rather resorted to doctored statistics to hoodwink Ugandans that Coronavirus is kept within check.

The diaper-wearing dictator continues to use the state machinery to kill political opponents as part of his plan to cling to power till his last breath. He has created enemies left, right and center; he has been harboring and supporting terrorist groups with intention to overthrow neighboring governments.

Hopeless Bazukulu are being killed like chicken thieves across the country. There is no respect for the rule of law; impunity, outright thievery, and injustice have been endorsed by the same people that are supposed to be defending Ugandans’ rights.

Uganda has run bankrupt; it can no longer balance its payments due to huge debts; the country recently announced that it has no capacity to pay its debts, hence it can only beg for mercy from the lenders.

As Ugandans continue to die from hunger, their frail dictator and his family allocated Ugandans shillings themselves 650 billion yearly. Time is now for Ugandans to smoke Museveni and his cabal of thieves out of their country.

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