Museveni on killing spree, after 3 UPDF generals, 3 other Wanainchiz are gone

Dear Bazukulu of the Bloodthirsty Dictator Museveni,

I have just recalled of Museveni’s last week operations and felt it’s fitting to bring it to your attention as part of my agenda to enlighten you on what has transpired behind the scene in the guise of enforcing COVID-19 presidential directives.

Al Hajji Naduli, an NRM senior cadre, once said that ‘Museveni has done worse than Obote” this simply implies that predecessors of the Matooke Republic ruler have in all aspects performed way better than him.

Dictator Museveni uses the state machinery to kill innocent Bazukulu, last week Emmanuel Tegu a student at Makerere University mysteriously met his creator, Rtd Cpl Ambrose Nabimanya was brutally murdered and hurriedly buried in the night. Charles Matyabule, a teenager People Power Movement supporter from Wairaka College In Jinja, was killed by the state operatives in front of Bobi Wine’s eyes in Mabira forest.

On the same note, many innocent Ugandan youths are being eliminated every single day the sun sets from the east. Maria Nagirinya, Susan Magara, Yasin Kawuma, Muhammad Kirumira, AIGP Kaweesi all had children and spouses, is Museveni going to inherit their families? When will they get justice? Museveni has deprived many families of their children, husbands and wives.

Here is the list of people killed by Museveni:

A List of people killed by Museveni

Museveni ‘s tosser Facebook mouthpiece Katureebe should not deceive the Bazukulu, his bloodthirsty sponsor Museveni messed up and destroyed everything in your their country on taxpayer resources.

Ugandans will ostensibly live to regret his 35-year brutal rule.

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