Museveni’s lapdog Katureebe “corrects” his failed lie with more smears

As readers of ass licker Obed Katureebe aka Rpf Gakwerere Facebook posts will remember, this clown tried to plant the lie that “Rwanda killed Nkurunziza”. The ass licker’s contemptuous lie failed, with everyone laughing at him. The CMI troll sponsored controlled by Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe directly made a fool of himself.

He thinks that because everyone knows Senile Museveni poisoned Mayombo and Aronda, people will just swallow his foolish lies that “Rwanda poisoned Nkurunziza”. Katureebe fools no one; everyone knows the chief poisoner in the region is Senile Museveni.

When even his most gullible readers refused to swallow his foolish lie – because everyone knows Nkurunziza died of Coronavirus – the clown is targeting members of Rwanda’s First family. The failed Munyarwanda makes a living by smearing Rwanda and its leadership as part of Senile Museveni’s anti-Rwanda campaign.

Ass licker Katurebe, just concentrate on Natasha Karugire Museveni and other daughters of Senile Museveni that are selling Uganda’s youth into slavery in the Middle East!

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