Failed Munyarwanda Katureebe slanders Rwanda to deflect from Matooke Republic failures

The CMI sponsored slander machine, Obed Katureebe, a failed Munyarwanda only good for licking the ass of Senile Museveni now is targeting Rwanda’s efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic. Soon Rwanda will be manufacturing vaccines while in the Matooke Republic they are only given bizarre history lectures by a Senile ruler.

Ass licker Katureebe (Facebook alias Rpf Gakwerere) is trying to deflect attention from the terrible failures of Senile Museveni whose corrupt, disorganized response to Covid-19 has endangered millions in the Matooke Republic. Handled by CMI Boss, Abel Kandiho, the little weasel-faced torturer, and his deputy CK Asiimwe, Katureebe writes hogwash on Rwanda. Senile Museveni has been experimenting on Uganda for 34 years, injecting it with his Matooke serum made of kleptocracy, nepotism, assassinations, torture, and all other crimes.

The problem of Covid-19 has become so acute in the Matooke Republic that they are going to turn their biggest stadium Namboole into a giant hospital! Ass licker Katureebe, failing to deal with the reality of Senile Museveni failures, as usual escapes into anti-Rwanda slanders.


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