Weed-Smoking Himbara’s Strategy In Dealing With His Family Issues; Faking Political Relevances.

The weed-smoking anti-Rwanda propagandist David Himbara, is still aggressively pushing his RNC agenda with useless analysis of who does what in Rwanda. He is so aggressive that he forget, once again, to look at who does what in his terrorist movement and in his dysfunctional family. Weed Smoking Himbara hopes to that his childish commentaries will attract readers since people lost interest in his rubbish. He should write about his bizarre family, a quick look reveals a soap opera circus.

Divorced more than twice, fugitive Himbara had to run back to Canada with his tail between his legs to his first wife in Canada. He uses the excuse of doing something important to escape even the most basic parental duties. His reunion with Fazela Haniff (Himbara’s first wife) was bitter, he found his family in shambles. He escapes the harsh reality of finding his daughter an addict, anorexic, pregnant without a husband, his wife remarried, by writing pure fabrications on Rwanda and pretending it to be a political analyst.

Himbara does that. He escapes reality. He even changed his real name Murunganwa, after scoring the lowest possible grade in his end of Year high school. He then escaped and faked a name “Himbara” to get to University as he is currently faking the author badge to get some attention. He gets particularly excited with any news with a list of nominations, perhaps secretly hoping that his name will miraculously appear on the list. Isolated and destitute, Himbara should ask fellow disgraced terrorists for nomination decrees in RNC which is currently imploding with internal divisions.

Yet somehow, the RNC propagandist still finds time to publish fake analysis on Rwanda. The fraudster has even enlisted the help of a few nephews and that of his daughter; all in a parallel universe, drugged up and hoodwinked that their work somehow matters.

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