Obed Katureebe (RPF Gakwerere) wasting Ugandan Tax money to slander the Rwandan leadership

Uganda Communication Commission’s Obed Katurebe is the real manifestation of Museveni’s hatred for Rwanda, borne mostly out of jealousy and negative envy.

Museveni is so bitter about Rwanda’s steady progress that he has gone to great lengths to create special positions in his cabinet, public service, military, police and intelligence with specifically dedicated ToRs of destabilising Rwanda.

Take Philemon Mateke, for example, whose docket is the minister of destabilisation of Rwanda. Obed Katurebe, the director general in UCC, in charge of creating and propagating falsehoods against Rwanda.

There is also the battalion of media propaganda mercenaries under the command of CMI, which include blogs, social media trolls and mainstream media.

Obed Katureebe’s main responsibilities are specific to monitoring Rwanda’s affairs and officials, with the objective of creating malicious narratives around events and occasions, and targeting senior government officials for spiteful slander.

Acting on direct briefing from Museveni’s state house, Obed Katureebe mud slings with impunity targeted senior Rwanda government, military and police officials, who Museveni and his RNC terrorist protégés dislike for nothing else but being steadfast and astute in their nation building responsibilities.

While Museveni sinks numerous tax payer’s resources in undermining the Rwandan leadership by employing all means possible, Uganda’s global ratings continue to sink to unimaginable low depths in all aspects. Uganda needs prayers because the trend shows that there is no redemption.

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