Chimpreport’s mission impossible: To wash Rutabana’s bloodstains off RNC and CMI

Chimpreport, Giles Muhame’s media creation to push the Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI)’s propaganda, just received an impossible assignment; to spin Ben Rutabana’s disappearance and exonerate CMI and the Rwandan National Congress (RNC). After months of hesitations, Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa — leader of RNC— and Abel Kandiho — CMI’s Boss — finally solicit Muhame’s help.

Muhame and his Chimpreport (which should really be called cheapreport) come up with a fallacy on the Rutabana disappearance. They were faced with an uphill task given the hard evidence pointing at CMI and RNC. If it were not that Chimpreport is fully funded by CMI, they would have declined the impossible request. They had no choice, so they used their usual tactic; “blame Rwanda”.

The problem with their approach is that even die hard RNC terrorists and sympathizers don’t believe their cheap diversion to “blame Rwanda”. With Rutabana’s disappearance, his family and fellow terrorists all accused RNC and CMI. In fact, they filed a Habeas Corpus against Ugandan security agencies citing that Rutabana was held by CMI under case file No CM76/12/09/19 UG vs Benjamin Rutabana. They filed to the Ugandan Human rights commission and copied the ministry of foreign affairs on the 2nd of January 2020, and filed at the Uganda High court at Kampala (Civil court division). They obtain the Habeas Corpus order from the court on the 12th of February 2020.

As for RNC, there are numerous letters and interviews from the wife and sister of the disappeared accusing Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terrorist organization directly. His disappearance led to the resignation of Jean Paul Tuyishime, RNC’s Research (Intelligence) Commissioner, and later to Leah Karegeya, their pseudo-wise person council head.

With Karegeya’s help, Chimpreport attempts to foul its audience that Rutabana fell in a trap set by Rwanda in Congo. To spice their fantasy up, they add the name of a Congolese rebel, Sultan Makenga, in the mix forgetting that he too disappeared from Uganda with CMI’s help. Chimpreport also tries to intimidate RNC members by linking them to a disappearance organized by Kayumba Nyamwasa and Abel Kandiho. Deo Nyirigira, the President of “RNC Uganda Province” is mentioned as one of the last people to see Rutabana alive. He will certainly get the message, CMI’s version should not be challenged by those living in Uganda.

Chimpreport’s story will not confuse anyone. Rwanda is a land of law and order, captured terrorist are always taken to court. This is an easily verifiable fact, one would simply have to check Nsabimaba Callixte and Mudathiru Habib’s cases. Both, confessed terrorists, were captured and taken to court to face justice. If Rutabana fled in Rwandan, he would be paraded and held to account for his crimes.

On the other hand, CMI does have a track record of secretly detaining and torturing their victims for years. The current crisis between Rwanda and Uganda is, after all, about CMI’s abuse of hundreds of innocents Rwandans by holding them incommunicado, torturing and killing them. Chimpreport’s attempt to spin backfires the name “Rutabana” is now associated with RNC/CMI crimes.

Rutabana’s deadly error was his failure to gage his fatal destination. Traveling to Uganda, he was under the illusion that he would have a chance to convince fellow terrorists that Kayumba Nyamwasa was stealing money from them. He failed to realize that in Uganda, Kayumba Nyamwasa is so powerful that bad mouthing him can lead to ones’s disappearance and death.

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