After admitting working with anti-Rwanda terror groups, can Museveni disband them?

The Ugandan regime was caught pants down on the Charlotte Mukankusi’s diplomatic passport issue. It was undeniable proof that they had offered material support to the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorist group. As proof of their entanglement with the terrorist group, Rwanda had presented it to the Luanda MoU Ad Hoc Commission and demanded that it be cancelled. Uganda took its time, but when they realized it was an embarrassment and cancelled it to solve a headache; evidence of their RNC support.

Uganda, fortunately, cannot cancel or delete other key evidence of their RNC support. One month after giving Mukankusi a passport, she paid a visit to President Museveni at State House on the 1st of March 2019 along with other RNC officials like Eugene Gasana. Their meeting prompted a letter By Museveni explaining that he met them “Accidentally”. There is no way of deleting the meeting or the letter that followed.

By cancelling the passport, Uganda is taking responsibility for the material support it had offered the terrorist group. It should go further and dismantle the entire RNC structure mounted in Uganda. They had not just offered RNC a passport, RNC had received much more. For example, RNC in Uganda was allowed to register a fake NGO – Self-Worth Initiative (SWI) – to funnel terrorist funds. The founders of the NGO, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi and Prossy Bonaabana, should be arrested and extradited for terrorism crimes.

The evidence of the Ugandan regime’s support to RNC and other terrorist militias is overwhelming. There are militias facing trial in Rwanda that confess to be trained, armed and deployed with by the Uganda Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence(CMI). UN reports cite Ugandan authorities (Like Minister of State Philemon Mateke) of working closely with terrorist militias. If Uganda only cancels passports, they will be burying their head in the sand.

RNC Uganda has a known and established structure called “RNC Uganda Province”, cancelling a passport when all these terrorists below are still allowed to operate freely in Uganda makes no sense. They should not ignore their problems; they should solve the RNC issue once and for all.

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