Evidence of #RNCinUganda: President Museveni’s accidental meeting with Mukankusi

In March 2019, the President of Uganda published a letter he wrote to the President of Rwanda. In a deliberate breach of protocol and diplomatic etiquette, the letter first leaked to Ugandan media for circulation before it reached the recipient. The content of the letter shocked many and the peak of ridicule was reached:

  • “I am writing to let you know that by accident, I, at last, had a meeting with a Rwandan who admitted to being a member of the group you told me about –Rwanda National Congress (RNC)”.

Museveni’s letter had just confessed an “accidental” meeting with a terrorist. He met Charlotte Mukankusi, the RNC Commissioner for Diplomacy and International Relations, and another senior RNC cadre, Eugene Gasana. Exactly how a head of state accidentally meets terrorist in his palace is still a mystery. The leakage of the letter between Heads of States is equally a mystery unless one considers that the true intent of the letter.

Museveni did not accidentally meet the RNC terrorists, far from that, he planned the meeting and only announced it to the world when he realized that the meeting was leaked. One month prior to the meeting, Charlotte Mukankusi had received a Ugandan passport (number A000199979). Obviously, she traveled to thank him for the valuable support he had just granted to the RNC terrorist organization.

With the Gatuna/Katuna border quadripartite summit, Uganda undertook to investigate RNC and other militia groups operating from Uganda. The investigation should not be too difficult; they obtain Ugandan passports and secure audiences with the head of state adding to mobilization, recruitment and training of militias plotting to strike terror on Rwandans.

#RNCinUganda is that settled, they yield more influence than most NGO’s and international organizations in Uganda. There are few accidental meeting in State Houses around the world, and even fewer public admissions –disguised as a letter– of such meetings.

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