The weed addict RNC Propagandist David Himbara posing as a legal expert

David Himbara, the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) Weed Smoking propagandist, is metamorphosing as a legal expert as part of his con. Himbara is a certifiable fraudster that pretends to be an expert in everything. Overnight, Himbara now offers “expert” advice and opinions on autopsies and investigation procedures on Kizito Mihigo’s suicide.

Himbara’s only knowledge of criminal procedures is limited to committing fraud like changing his name after failing high school to sneak himself to university. The RNC propagandist does not even understand the basic principle of an independent prosecution service, capable of initiating or terminating an investigation. Kizito Mihigo was convicted of terrorist crimes and released on presidential clemency; it is equally important to note that he committed suicide in police custody. Despite all these facts, the RNC sycophant fails to see the prosecution’s role in determining whether a criminal act occurred or not.

The Kampala regime sponsored propagandist also seem to have difficulty in reading, the prosecution received a report from the Rwandan Investigation Bureau (RIB) that included an autopsy report from the Rwanda Forensic Laboratory (RFL). He failed to distinguish an autopsy report and a report that contains an autopsy report. Himbara will not admit his ignorance of legal matters out of arrogance; instead, he fakes knowledge and “googles” the Greek etymology of autopsy.

His sponsors should ask him for a refund, Himbara’s drug habits have affected his brain. He is now unable to comprehend even a simple press release.

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