Obed Katureebe aka RPF Gakwerere panicking as repatriation of fellow terrorists looms

CMI propagandist, whose cover deployment is within the Uganda Communication Commission, Obed Katurebe has so much hatred for Rwanda.

This is a man who would force comparisons between issues that are not even related, just to create for him the opportunity to send a disparaging jab in Rwanda’s way.

While he is supposed to be executing the duties he was hired to do at the UCC, he is instead involved in insulting leaders of another country, following a different assignment from his handler Brig Gen Abel Kandiho of CMI.

As the two leaders were at Gatuna trying to eke out a solution in the standoff between the countries, Obed Katurebe on his pseudo Facebook page Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, was busy trying to throw a spanner in the works, posting malicious content against the Rwanda leadership.

As if it matters to the meeting’s agenda, Obed Katureebe posted, or rather, showed off a picture of the Ugandan ruler’s security detail, and informed the world that the Ugandan ruler was escorted to the border by ‘special operations forces’ because the ruler did not trust his security at the meeting. This coming from a senior UCC official carries a lot of weight.

However, if anyone should be wary of their security when it comes to affairs with Uganda, it should be Rwandan leaders and its people, owing to the history of arrest and torture of innocent Rwandan nationals by Uganda security organs.

Obed Katurebe is deliberately sending a veiled message of how the Ugandan leadership views the whole relations normalisation process. To them, this is a theatrical performance where they show off their military prowess and hardware.

One of the points in the normalisation agreement between Rwanda Uganda is to rein in hostile media propaganda, but clearly, Uganda ignored that part. Anti Rwanda bloggers have continued unabated to spread malice, rumours and falsehoods against Rwanda, even as their masters want to be seen as people of goodwill.

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