Cancelling Mukankusi’s passport Is Ugandan Regime’s Admission Of Guilt To Supporting RNC

It took pressure and undeniable proof for Uganda to do the right thing with regards to a passport they issued to Charlotte Mukankunsi, the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorist organization Commissioner in Charge Of Diplomacy.

She was received by President Museveni on the 1st of March 2019 along with other RNC officials like Eugene Gasana. Their meeting prompted a letter By Museveni explaining that he met them “Accidentally”. Charlotte Mukankusi had been issued with a Uganda passport No A000199979 one month prior to the Museveni meeting.

Uganda had vehemently denied the claim that Charlotte Mukankusi had been issued a passport. Through their hostile CMI sponsored media outlets like Chimpreport, they claimed the passport was a forgery.

The cancellation of that passport was one of the demand made in the previous Ad Hoc MoU commission. Media sources and Rwandan officials confirm that Mukankusi’s passport was cancelled yesterday, February 20th of 2020.

By cancelling the passport, Uganda is taking responsibility for the material support it had offered the terrorist group. It should go further and dismantle the entire RNC structure mounted in Uganda. They had not just offered RNC a passport, RNC had received much more. For example, RNC in Uganda was allowed to register a fake NGO – Self-Worth Initiative (SWI) – to funnel terrorist funds. The founders of the NGO, Sulah Nuwamanya and Prossy Bonaabana, should be arrested and extradited for terrorism.

RNC Uganda has a known and established structure called “RNC Uganda Province”, cancelling a passport when all these terrorist below are still allowed to operate freely in Uganda makes no sense.

Uganda should take responsibility for RNC activities in Uganda; dismantle and disband RNC

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