A hoax petition on Kizito Mihigo peddled by Sarah Kagingo and David Himbara, the CMI sponsored anti-Rwanda Propagandists

An online faux petition based on rumors and fabrication surrounding the Kizito Mihigo’s suicide death is currently circulating. It was designed by one Sarah Kagingo, a Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) media operative and a Rwandan National Congress (RNC) propagandist David Himbara.

Kagingo, who had established links with CMI and the Uganda President’s brother Salim Saleh, receives funds to orchestrate all anti-Rwanda online propaganda. She is not only sponsored by CMI and Salim Saleh —whom she is known to have an affair with— to operate her “Softpower” online attack media but she is also tasked with distributing CMI funds to others media outlets like Chimpreport, CommandPost, Spyreports, eyalamaNews, the Investigator and Mulengera amongst others.

Kizito Mihigo was convicted for plotting overthrow the government, he pled guilty and asked for forgiveness. It a crucial fact that Sarah Kagingo and David Himbara omit to say in their petition. Mihigo had said he recognized his error, asked for forgiveness and received a Presidential pardon, something that thousands of prisoners dream to be given. Mihigo was unfortunately not genuine in his plea for pardon as he would later be caught trying to flee the country via an illegal crossing to join anti-Rwandan armed militias in Burundi.

The President had granted clemency to Kizito Mihigo after 4 years on his 10 years sentence. To suspect foul play against a government who pardoned someone involved in a conspiracy against it is cynical. When Kizito was arrested trying to illegally cross the border to Burundi, he sank into depression as he knew what he had just done. He had violated the terms of his pardon and was caught betraying his country for the second time. He knew the prospect of obtaining a second pardon would be very slim.

RNC terrorists had exploited him before, they caressed his ego with promises of fame in exchange for his help in toppling the Rwandan government. Through out his trial and while he served his sentence, David Himbara exploited him in his anti-Rwanda campaign despite the fact that Kizito had pleaded guilty. On his release, it is now obvious that they continued their exploitation with more promises if he skipped his clemency terms and crossed to Burundi.

With Kagingo’s support through various outlets like Softpower, Chimpreport, etc…, Himbara pressed on calling Rwanda an open prison when Mihigo was arrested. However, he changed his tune with the suicide. It was only after it that Himbara began to refer to him as “son” and launched an online petition. Kagingo and Himbara who had not bothered to petition for his release, are now exploiting his postmortem with fake petitions.

While Kizito Mihigo’s Family pleaded to be left to grieve in peace, and specifically called for an end these propagandists’ exploitation of the tragic death, Kagingo and Himbara simply ignored his family request. They went on with their despicable exploitation with fake pictures, audio recordings and fake testimonies, to support their conspiracy theories. To reach their goal, they even went as far as attributing the National anthem composition to their “project”.

Saddly, Kizito Mihigo is just a “project” to them one that can be used to defame and denigrate Rwanda and its leaders who had forgiven Mihigo for his betrayal.

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