Uganda: Where is Baby Joana?

As the fourth Quadripartite meeting on the Luanda MoU is underway, one of the demands by the Rwandan delegation in Kigali is the return of baby Joana Imanirakiza to her mother Julienne Kayirere. Kayirere is one of the hundreds of innocent Rwandans that were dumped at the border after a prolonged illegal incarceration and torture in Uganda secret agencies ‘detention facilities.

Kayirere says she knows for certain that the DPC (District Police Commander) of Mubende and accomplices sold her baby in Gulu, northern Uganda. That is something she learnt during months spent looking for the child, a search that ended in tears this September.
When she was arrested, they snatched her baby away. According to Kayirere, it was obvious the DPC – “a big bellied man who immediately walked out of his office into the crowded reception area” – already knew she had an infant with her.
“He ordered his men to take Joanna from me and said: ‘you can’t take the child inside the jail because it is very bad in there; we will safeguard her for you’!”

Kayirere was later dumped at Gatuna on September 27, 2019. Her baby’s case was mentioned in the last Luanda MoU Ad Hoc Commission as a demand by Rwanda if travel to Uganda is to be seen as safe.

So, Where is Baby Joana Imanirakiza?

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