The RNC propagandist David Himbara drops crocodile tears following Kizito’s suicide death

The weed smoking RNC propagandist David Himbara just heard of about Kizito Mihigo’s suicide death. He realized that he completely forgot about a fellow RNC member and quickly decided to post an eulogy, to cash-in on a tragedy he helped create.

For those who follow David Himbara’s writing, the fact that since September 2018 when Kizito Mihigo was paroled Himbara had not mentioned his name once on his blogs is conspicuous. Released with Genocide revisionist Victoire Ingabire, Kizito was not worth Himbara’s medium front pages and mentions as it lacked a propaganda factor.

The weed smoker preferred to focus on a more news worthy source of sensational drama even when Kizito Mihigo faced arrest when he tried to illegally sneak out thus violating his parole. At that point, Himbara’s silence became suspicious.

Kizito Mihigo was a convicted RNC member, a terrorist organization that both Himbara and his longtime ally and friend Kayumba Nyamwasa belong to. Mihigo asked for pardon, received it, thanked the President and kept a low profile for a year and a half. He then surprised many with his botched attempt to illegally cross to Burundi, an RNC members’ sanctuary.

All along, Himbara constantly populated his hostile blogs with smear and fabrications. He regularly used Victoire Ingabire as a subject in his attacks and kept her in the limelight. Himbara, however, carefully stayed away from mentioning Kizito as he does for his brother Tom Byabagamba.

Could it be that Himbara kept quiet about Kizito Mihigo to assist him in an eventual escape to join RNC in Burundi? The fact that even when he was arrested Himbara kept quiet suggests so. The failure was too much to bear for the young man lured by the prospect of fame and glory, he committed suicide. Dead and of no further use for the terrorist organization, Himbara finally writes about him with an eulogy so short that he had to mention others in to populate his paragraphs.

It does remind me of another similar case, one of Ben Rutabana. One would have to cut Himbara’s hand to get him to write about Rutabana, a fellow RNC member. As the world wonders what happened to Ben Rutabana in Uganda and the involvement of terrorist RNC leader Nyamwasa in Rutabana’s disappearance, Himbara is silent. He, the loudest mouthpiece of hateful propaganda, will not even mention his name. Yet we can be certain that a half-baked eulogy has already been drafted to be issued once Rutabana’s status is worth exploiting.

It’s a trademark of anti-Rwanda propagandist; like vultures, they hover around looking for a corpse to feed on. The difference is that Himbara and his crew will kill or organize a kill to ink their hateful pens for their own satisfaction. Kizito Mihigo’s death should be a warning to RNC members; they will use you and drive you to your death, and then exploit your death too.

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