Kizito Mihigo’s Suicide, Manna For CMI loudmouth Titus Seruga and fellow anti-Rwanda propagandists

When Rwanda says that there are hostile trolls sponsored by the Museveni regime via its intelligence network, one name comes to mind, Titus Seruga aka Serubwa. In his case, it is relatively easy to prove, the sheer number of negative articles and the obsessive behavior he displays in Rwanda is abnormal for a Ugandan “pseudo” activist.

Take the recent suicide death of Kizito Mihigo, compare it to the breaking news that the son of Ugandan the Internal Security Organization (ISO) Director General Col. Kaka Bagyenda was just convicted of murdering his girlfriend. The coverage of these two events clearly indicates who is paid to do what. While a Ugandan court sentenced Brian Bagyenda for 32 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend in Uganda, Titus Seruga posted zero stories about the shocking incident. He preferred to issue three posts on his Facebook page about a suicide death in Rwanda only to get his pay.

When an anti-corruption activist Muhammad Kirumira was shot dead, the Ugandan Intelligence troll offered only one late post in an attempt to divert attention. Paid by Ugandan Intelligence agencies CMI and ISO, Serubwa could obviously not write about the Brian Bagyenda case nor could he do much about the Kirumira murder. On the other hand, Kizito Mihigo’s case represents juicy ammunition to the paid per insult troll.

The result is spectacular; Serubwa dedicates his time and energy in smearing to make a living. He actually out-performed Rwandan terrorists and fellow CMI/ISO sponsored accounts as far as fiction is concerned. Moreover, Kizito Mihigo’ suicide led to a bizarre petition by Serubwa to the Ugandan President.

Prior to the suicide incident, Serubwa was extremely busy writing in defense of Ugandan Intelligence bosses accused of arbitrarily detaining hundreds of innocents Rwandans, of torturing and killing them. The innocents Rwandans were being forced to adhere to subversive groups sponsored by Ugandan Intelligence organs. In the recently concluded Ad Hoc commission on the Luanda MoU, a process to normalize relations between Rwanda and Uganda, the Rwandan delegation requested that the Ugandan authorities involved in the Rwandan persecution be held accountable.

Nutty Seruga aka Serubwa was writing about the unfair targeting of his sponsors was when suddenly, manna food from heaven fell on his plate. The news that Kizito Mihigo had committed suicide was almost an answer to his prayers. He quickly distorted it as a murder and jumped to the conclusion that Museveni should not talk to President Kagame on the Rwanda-Uganda normalization process.

It is easy to see who Seruga rolls for, if Kizito Mihigo’s death was not a clear case of suicide, I would have suspected CMI/ISO of killing him to protect their bosses from facing the consequences of their crimes against humanity. In reality, Seruga is only one pretending to be concerned about Mihigo’s death; his real nightmare (and that of his sponsors) is a normalization of Rwanda-Uganda relations. If no one else commits suicide, they might have to kill someone or stage another death to get more reasons of sabotaging the ongoing peace process.

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