Early this morning, Kizito Mihigo, a popular singer who ventured into subversive and terrorist acts committed suicide. The Rwanda National Police announced, in a statement, details of his arrest and his suicide. The announcement sparked a fury of false conspiracy theories from vicious propagandists and Ugandan Intelligence sponsored media outlets. This behavior, expected, is a rush to exploit Kizito Mihigo one last time. Kizito was a paroled criminal that broke the terms of his parole; he was troubled and could not digest the prospect of going back to jail.

At the peak of his popularity, he was lured by terrorist elements operating in Uganda in a terrorist enterprise. It was revealed that Kizito was promised to be made a Minister if he helped kill the Rwandan Head of State and topple the government. During his trial, propagandists and Ugandan sponsored media outlets exploited it by claiming that there could not be justice in Rwanda. He was tried and sentenced to ten years, Kizito was lucky enough to be granted a presidential pardon.

When pardoned, propagandists and Ugandan sponsored media outlets exploited his luck twisting him to be a traitor that sold out by seeking a presidential pardon. They wanted him to appeal frivolously just to generate headlines. Later on, they lured him to break his pardon and sneak out to Burundi where they promised him fame and popularity.

Once again, Kizito was caught red-handed, hidden in a bush on the Rwanda-Burundi border. He was caught up by area citizens after they refused his bribe to cross him to Burundi through a porous border in violation of his parole and rules governing his country. Local residents called security agents who recognized him and arrested him. When news broke of his arrest, propagandists and Ugandan sponsored media outlets exploited it with all sorts of lies. They did so without mentioning how he tried to bribe his way out, or how in effect, Kizito was breaking his parole. It was obviously too much for Kizito, the constant stream of failed attempts reached its peak and he committed suicide after a visit from his family and his lawyer.

Hostile outlets like Sofpower, propagandist like Seruga are now writing sensationalized headlines with the words “killed by Rwanda” and conspiracies. Seruga, Obed Katureebe aka Robert Fati Gakwerere, Sarah Kangigo, Bob Atwine, David Himbara are all squeezing their last blogs on Kizito Mihigo. They are openly and shamelessly exploit him in death too.

Museveni, the Ugandan regime intelligence and their sponsored media, propagandist and trolls are sad that Kizito Mihigo committed suicide; the best thing for them to do is to also go hang.

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