Kampala based anti-Rwanda mouthpieces’ alleged infiltration of armed rebels sent by Rwanda is a hoax

When the deal is too good, think twice. Someone is trying slither out of the Luanda Agreement. Well, the indications are getting overwhelming. All signs are there for those with eyes, like symptoms of flu. As the date for the Fourth Quadripartite meeting approaches, the voices of evil are reaching a crescendo. Except that those voices are not random, they bear official credentials.

The strategy of the Museveni sponsored anti-Rwanda propaganda campaign has been to throwback, without evidence, all accusations leveled against Uganda, with compelling evidence, by Rwanda. Some of the projected accusations channeled through their media propaganda tools are so juvenile you wonder why a government should waste resources on futile efforts.

After the miserable failure to spin out of context the death of Kizito Mihigo where the CMI propaganda foxhounds mobilised all their resources to dispute the Rwanda National Police statement, another equally malicious narrative is showing its head, and as it looks, they intend to dangle it out for the longest time and with a lot of intensity, so that they may eke out a justification for not going through with normalising relations between Rwanda and Uganda.

The latest on the anti-Rwanda propaganda menu, after the Kizito Mihigo ‘foul play’ narrative crashed on take-off, is the ‘Rwandan sponsored rebels’ narrative. The new propaganda storyline adopted as usual by the Uganda state house anti-Rwanda propaganda factory, bankrolled through Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), is that Rwanda is sending ‘armed groups’ to destabilise Uganda. As is their usual modus operandi, they are even going to great lengths to stage-manage ‘arrest of Rwandans’ on Ugandan soil with arms suggesting a major military operation to harm Uganda.

It is not a coincidence that just yesterday, Uganda handed over 13 Rwandans who have been in its custody, and squeezed in two individuals who were part of the Kinigi attack at the beginning of October last year. You should see the explanation given about these, knowing fully well that they have all along been denying the fact that the attackers came from Uganda and those who survived the RDF response went back there and received protection from UPDF. But the accompanying note only said that the two presented themselves to UPDF with their guns! And they waited all this long to hand them over alongside the innocent Rwandans they have been holding and torturing. The question is, why only two of them? And why not handing in the arms, bullets and grenades they crossed with?

Well, as far as the propaganda about ‘armed rebels’ from Rwanda is concerned, it should be seen in the context of creating a narrative that would make Uganda be seen as a victim, and therefore raise its status in the negotiation for the normalisation of relations. We need to understand that Uganda’s ill-advised support to RNC and allied terror outfits like FDLR, RUDI-Urunana, FNL and others has not only torn its already not-so-good image to shreds, but also the consequences have significantly destabilized its economy, not to mention messing with the upcoming general elections.

“4 RWANDESE ARRESTED WITH BOMBS, BULLETS IN UGANDA,” screamed one of the most vicious Museveni’s statehouse sponsored propaganda media outlets, Spyreports. We never saw this headline when the remnants of the Kinigi attack ran to the UPDF with their guns. It was kept under wraps. Instead, the attackers were accorded protection and sheltered to be used for another day. These are the same ‘rebels’ being ‘arrested’ and paraded before media as part of a grand scheme to offer a counter narrative. The two who were handed over yesterday along the 13 are mere pawns in the scheme, they sacrificed them as a way of deflecting attention away from their deliberately orchestrated mischief. The alleged infiltration of armed rebels sent by Rwanda is a hoax.

Experience has shown that whenever you read news and it is broken by the notorious Spyreports, Chimreports, Softpower, UCC’s Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, Titus Seruga, the RNC trio of Sulah Nuwamanya, Prossy Bonabana and disgraced doctor Gideon Rukundo Rugari, you have to take the news with a pinch of salt, because its 100 percent propaganda fed to them by CMI, cleared by Museveni’s statehouse.

Let us face it, the Uganda propagandists are not very smart liars. Let us dissect, for instance, the ‘rebels’ ‘breaking news’ story by Spyreports, amplified by the CMI propaganda fraternity. Let us begin with the identities of the ‘Rwandese arrested:’ “The four identified as Mbabazi Turaneza 35years, Jastine Mangumba 33 years, Senga Yunga Johncrut 38years, and Natayenga Johnson 34 years old all Rwandese nationals…” first and foremost, these are not Rwandan names, second, the story contradicts itself thus: “police received a tip from informants that 4 people aboard the taxi were looking suspicious as their identities were not clear….” Now, think about this, the tip off was precise about the number of suspicious people, isn’t this suspicious in itself? Also, this implies that in Uganda, people have to produce their identities before boarding a public transport taxi. Another thing is, if their identities were suspicious, how come they published their names and age? The entire tall-tale reeks of a theatrical campaign that is poorly produced and executed. The plot died right from the script writing.

AIP Nelson Okot, who is said to have led ‘the operation,’ is quoted by Spyreports saying: “They were also not clear of where they were and where they were going….” Who sends rebels for an important mission, loaded with ammunition to another country without a specific target and location of the target? This is all childish malice, to put it lightly. As they conclude, Spyreports could not resist to betray cause of all this drama – you guessed right, the border issue. “This comes at a time when there is bad blood between Uganda and Rwanda after the Rwandan authorities closed its two common border posts of Katuna in Kabale and Cyanika in Kisoro.”

There is no doubt that the Ugandan authorities are willing to undress in public if this would make Rwanda open the border and also stop embarrassing them with evidence of their unneighbourly tendencies. The problem is that instead of sticking to the implementation of the Luanda MoU to implement the remedies it has prescribed, they are busy trying to sabotage and frustrate the process with unnecessary side-shows.

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