Weed Smoking Himbara misses Retreats, thinks of Organizing One in his disintegrating RNC

The RNC weed-smoking propagandist, David Himbara, desperate to drive a wedge and sow division and hatred resorts to a common propagandist tactic, misquotes. Glued to his iPhone, he is following every second of the 2020 Rwanda’s National Leadership Retreat to extract as much information as he can for his Anti-Rwanda campaign. Brazing the cold Toronto weather, Himbara probably misses the warm weather in Rwanda and might even be daydreaming, reminiscing of the days he worked for the government.

Fugitive Himbara stopped teaching, he claimed it was no longer safe for him to do. In reality, he could not combine teaching with his anti-Rwanda propagandist now a full-time job sponsored by Rujugiro (aka Anklebeeps) and the Ugandan regime. His obsession with what happens in Rwanda and specifically what happens in the Rwandan government can only mean Himbara misses being part of the winning team.

He shortchanged himself with his betrayal and treachery. As Rwanda shines by holding itself to high standards, his sponsors are reputed for their complete lack of morals and standards. A retreat of Himbara’s partners and allies would be comprised of the most corrupted faces the world has ever seen, terrorists accused of crimes against humanities, and genocidal militias. He truly must be missing doing something productive.

The Ugandan regime seems to be shifting policies to stop the economic hemorrhage resulting from their persecution of innocent Rwandans. Himbara should advise his RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana, and FLN terror groups to hold a retreat too; they may discuss recent events and decide where their next hideout will be.

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