RNC wanted criminal Sulah Nuwamanya panicked as Rwanda -Uganda agree to pen an Extradition Treaty

It was bound to happen, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi had to do a “panic post” after reading the communiqué of the 3rd AD Hoc Luanda MoU Commission. Whereas the Ugandan government was pleased of the outcome; Nuwamanya, on behalf of RNC minions, is angry and bitter.

Nuwamanya, the irresponsible father who left his wife and four children to join the RNC terrorist organization, is choking at the sight of the 3rd communiqué. In particular, points 3, 4 and 6 of the joint communiqué must have made Sulah Nuwamanya gasp for air.

Point 3 states that an extradition treaty will be finalized on the 21st of February 2020. Point 4 details how Rwanda and Uganda are going to handle anti-Rwanda terrorist groups members based in Uganda by the 20th of February whereas point 6 renews security, Intelligence and defense cooperation.

For almost 3 years, Nuwamanya and RNC terrorists in Uganda have enjoyed support and facilitations to carry out their anti-Rwanda terrorist enterprise from the Ugandan Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI).

They abducted hundreds of innocents Rwandans, forced them to join RNC and tortured those who refused. Sulah Nuwamanya and one Prossy Bonaabana went to the extent of creating a fake NGO —Self Worth Initiative SWI— to act as a front for RNC. SWI, the RNC front, funneled CMI money to RNC and worst of all forced innocent Rwandans to buy membership cards for protection.

SWI’s link with RNC and CMI featured prominently in the opening statement of the 3rd Ad Hoc commission. Sulah Nuwamanya’s Facebook post of confidential closed door sessions where highlighted by the Rwandan delegations. Amazingly, yet again, the dimwit takes his RNC message to Facebook instead of packing his baggage for a quick exit!

The consequences of RNC-CMI persecution of Rwandans were dire for the Ugandan Economy. Rwanda reacted by issuing a travel advisory to its citizens against traveling to Uganda. The Ugandan economy lost over $400 Million Dollars. What Sulah Nuwamanya, Prossy Bonaabana and RNC fail to realize is that their supporters in Uganda cannot afford to continue supporting them. For costing them $400 Million Dollars, they will be arrested and extradited to Kigali. Col CK Asiimwe, the CMI deputy director who coordinated with RNC and SWI, will not manage to protect them.

Self-Worth Initiative tried to start a war between two countries but at the end of the day, they are simply not worth cost for Uganda. For almost 3 years, they recruited fighters from Uganda and sent them to Bujumbura and in the remote locations in East DR Congo to attack Rwanda. Sulah Nuwamanya should know he is running out of time, he should now organize for his resettlement to Bujumbura or in East DR Congo. This time, he should also take his concubine Prossy Bonaabana with him.

That’s the price of terrorism, he will constantly be on the run for the crimes he committed against innocent Rwandans.

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