CMI sponsored anti-Rwanda mouthpieces in overdrive to tarnish Rwanda as Kizito Mihigo commits suicide

The CMI anti-Rwanda bark dogs are suddenly a hive of activity. It is all-systems-go as the entire CMI anti-Rwanda blogosphere is suddenly abuzz, all competing for the Museveni award for best conspiracy theory surrounding the death of Kizito Mihigo.

Kizito, who, the Rwanda National Police, through a media statement this morning, stated that the singer committed suicide in his cell at the Remera Metropolitan Police Station; he had been in detention for three days after he was arrested on February 13 in the midst of an attempt to flee to Burundi through illegal cross border route.

It is not surprising that the CMI anti Rwanda attack dogs are alleging foul play, what is shocking is the way they are trying to deliberately concoct extremely malicious theories to lend credence to their cynical allegations of malevolence on the part of the Rwanda security institutions. With their imaginations set in overdrive, the gang of evil is refuting the Rwanda National Police version of events, and instead presenting their own cooked up narrative, that fits their malicious spin.

Like a group of vultures swarming on a carcass (pun intended), the foremost CMI paid gang of Obed Katureebe, Sulah Nuwamanya, Titus Seruga, Prossy Bonabaana, Spyreports, Commandpost, Gideon Rukundo Rugali and others are posting ridiculous tales, in what manifests the sentiments of their masters concerning the death of Kizito Mihigo. The frantic interest in Kizito’s death by the CMI funded RNC executives and their CMI hired sympathisers in Uganda more than anything else, sheds light on why the deceased was so eager to abuse the Presidential benevolence and flee to Burundi, another RNC operations base.

Kizito Mihigo, who has been enjoying his freedom in Rwanda courtesy of a Presidential pardon that cut short his 10-year sentence, did not only violate the conditions for a Presidential pardon, he was also being investigated for use of illegal routes and attempting to bribe people to facilitate his passage into Burundi.

Mihigo was in February 2015 convicted to 10 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to crimes including conspiracy to murder President Paul Kagame and other top leaders of the country.

According to the Police media statement, he committed suicide two days after his family and lawyer visited him in police custody. Commentators suggest that Kizito may actually have had an underlying mental problem that led him to make numerous bad choices in life.

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